Our Mission

To provide quality service to our customers based on our commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

To be a leading service provider in the oil and gas industry, energy & power, ICT, agricultural and environmental sectors to multinationals and government establishments.

What We Do

  Manpower Supply

We are experts at sourcing and supplying the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector with a wide range of skilled professionals both indigenous and expatriate. More

 Equipment Procurement

In conjunction with our technical partners, we are able to procure and deliver a number of engineering solutions across all sectors of the economy. More

   ICT / Cyber Security

In collaborating with our technical partners in the IT sector we aim to deliver state of the art ICT solutions and our focus is on Cyber Security. More

  Environmental Consultancy

We have direct experience in the design and management of contaminated land remediation projects, including the use of multiple remediation techniques. More

Energy and power

Pauliza in collaboration with our Partners is able to bring solution to the energy sector in area of transmission and provision of solar powered solution. More

   Agricultural Engineering

We can work with our partners to deliver projects in the Agricultural sector. More


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Why Choose Us

    Quality Good and Services

We have  over 30 years’ experience in project management and we are able to draw from our huge international network to ensure the highest quality of goods and services.

   Integrity & Safety

To us, its a policy that integrity and safety shall have the highest priority in planning and execution of our projects. All employees, consultants and contractors are required to comply with this and related policies, laws and regulations.

   Experience and Teamwork

We are focused on developing staff potentials through the provision of appropriate training and through stimulating a positive commitment to quality, effective teamwork and cooperation.

Who We Are?

Pauliza Limited is an indigenous company which specializes in the provision of services in the oil and gas industry, energy and power sector, ICT sector with focus on Cyber Security, agricultural and environmental sectors to multinational companies and government agencies.

Over the years, Pauliza Limited has been foremost in service delivery within the oil and gas industry and government agencies.