Our services are designed to enable our clients select individual modules that best suit their organizational requirements from a one-off install to turnkey supply of products / materials, project management, logistics, labour and skilled engineering for new site builds.

Through strategic technical alliances with international companies who are leaders in their various fields, we are confident that we can deliver solutions of the highest standard to meet all client requirements.

Pauliza is licensed by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to participate in the following areas of oil and gas:

Manpower Supply

We are experts at sourcing and supplying the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector with a wide range of skilled professionals both indigenous and expatriate.

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Maritime Services

Supply and maintenance of Marine Vessels and Patrol Boats.

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ICT/Cyber Security

In collaborating with our technical partners in the IT sector we aim to deliver state of the art ICT solutions and our focus is on Cyber Security.

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Energy and Power Services

Pauliza in collaboration with our Partners is able to bring solution to the energy sector in area of transmission and provision of solar powered solution.

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Equipment Supply and Installation

Using our international profile and our vast network, we can supply and install equipment ranging from valves and other parts to heavy duty machinery.

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Environmental Consultancy Services and Anti-Pollution

As concerned citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we are strongly motivated to assist in regenerating our natural habitat wherever deterioration has occurred.

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Specialized Equipments

In conjunction with our technical partners, we can deliver several engineering solutions.

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Agricultural Services

We can work with our partners to deliver projects in the Agriculture sector. Our specialty include greenhouse solutions and larger scale farming for selected crops.

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